Apartment in Lisbon, Portugal

Orpheu XI

Orpheu XI

Residential Project

Originally built in the 19th Century and restored during 2020, Orpheu XI project has an elegant neoclassical feature that have been retained to give greater grandeur and distinction to the space which had in its past the creation of Orpheu magazine back in 1915, unveiling to the world some of the greatest names in contemporary writing such as Fernando Pessoa or Almada Negreiros.

The interiors of one of the duplex apartments are made by the prestigious Portuguese designer, Nini Andrade Silva, where she thoughtfully included statement pieces from Karpa such as the Aura and Ruby lamps and Gaia coffee table, to assign more uniqueness to this apartment located in the heart of Chiado, Lisbon.

Using pieces of exclusive design, not only from Karpa but also from Gansk - such as the iconic Jade dining table or Europa chairs, the space refers to a sophisticated and elegant environment, where comfort prevails, gaining a new life full of colors and textures.

The bright and inviting atmosphere of the space was reinforced with different pieces of contemporary style and unique design and evaluates this unique and luxurious apartment at €2.200.000!

Project by: Nini Andrade Silva
Pictures by: João Peteleiro

Private residence project in Quarteira, Portugal



Residential Project

During the year of 2021, Albino Miranda designed this fantastic new villa in Quarteira, Portugal. The client's goal was to create an inviting open space where family members can meet together and have breakfast or dinner together while also having a dedicated relaxing area.

This project features various pieces of exclusive designs from Karpa on the indoor such as the Aura suspension lamp, Ónix Lamp and Roots screen.

For the outdoor area, Albino Miranda created a design with the sun as an inspiration. The main concept was to create an atmosphere that would be like a courtyard during the daytime, but that becomes a cozy setting at night. The colors used are mostly white and grey to make the home look larger and brighter.

For this seaside project, GANSK was definitely the perfect brand to furnish the outside with several sofas from the Victoria collection, Quadra chaise longues and an exterior dinning section to enjoy the summer days with Dora dining table and Oceano chairs.

By combining KARPA’s art and exclusivity, with GANSK's elegance and simplicity, this project definitely has a bright and inviting atmosphere!

Private Residence in Vila Verde, Portugal

Vila Verde

Private residence project in Vilamoura, Portugal



Residential Project

Albino Miranda designed this fantastic new villa in Vilamoura, Portugal. This project has an inviting open space area where the designer used a Jade dining table and a magnificent chandelier to highlight that area.

This project features various pieces of exclusive designs from Gansk on the indoor such as the custom-made Juliet Chairs, Pandora TV sideboard as well as the table lamps in the bedrooms – Axis and Magnus.

For the outdoor area, Albino Miranda used for the first time the new collection Nordic, where he designs Nordic Chaise Longue, Nordic Pool Beds and Side Tables.

The highlight on this area it’s the cozy setting he created from his customers special request.

On this area, Albino Miranda combined Nordic sofa of 3 and 4 seats, with Nordic Poufs and a Nordic Coffee Table.



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