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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: January 16th, 2024

The Brand

What is GANSK?

GANSK is a Portuguese furniture brand that focuses mainly on outdoor solutions. Its production is entirely handmade, and the design of the pieces combines modern and elegant lines with highly resistant and durable materials.

Is GANSK part of a group?

Yes, GANSK is one of the brands of Albino Miranda, Ltd., a company with over 30 years' experience in the furniture and decoration sector, working with all kinds of materials. In addition to GANSK, the company also has Karpa, a furniture brand focused mainly on sculptural, luxurious and distinctive furniture.

How are GANSK products designed?

GANSK furniture is designed based on a prior analysis of the needs of outdoor spaces, what the market is looking for and the company's production capacity. Subsequently, together with the design team, various sketches, technical and 3D models are created that meet these requirements until the final design is decided, and the first full-scale prototype is created. Any ergonomic and aesthetic adjustments will then be made to this prototype, and the mold will then be manufactured, which will finally allow the final piece to be produced and launched.


How are GANSK's products made?

GANSK products are all handmade, one by one, and combine molding techniques with more conventional processes, applying unique textures with the most resistant materials. The first pieces serve as a prototype and model for the next production.

In what materials are GANSK's pieces made of?

Structurally, the pieces are made from resin reinforced with fiberglass. As well as light colors, exterior solutions offer customers a catalog of exclusive textures to completely transform the product in their image, all of which is then combined with Sunbrella's range of top quality fabrics, guaranteeing maximum resistance and durability. As far as interiors are concerned, the GANSK catalog now extends to a wide variety of materials, such as wood, marble, metal, glass, upholstery, etc.

Do you have GANSK's products in stock?

At GANSK we always try to have some stock to respond quickly to our customers' needs. However, given its volatility for various reasons, it is essential to consult it in parallel with the information from the sales assistant responsible for the market in question.
You can check the current stock here.

Can GANSK's products be customized?

All GANSK products can be customized on request. For outdoor solutions, you can change the finishes/textures, fabrics (C.O.M. included) and dimensions of some pieces. In the interior catalog, customization applies to both materials (wood, marble, metals, fabrics, etc.) and finishes (colors, textures, etc.). The customization of sizes, except for dining tables, will always have to be assessed according to the piece and the desired size.

Will I receive my GANSK product as pictured?

GANSK products that combine finishes and fabrics from the standard catalog will arrive at the customer strictly the same as the one promoted, although there may or may not be millimetric fluctuations in measurements as a result of the handmade production process. With regard to finishes that combine colors with exclusive textures, although the process is always the same, due to its handmade component each piece will have a unique "pattern" applied. Furniture featuring wood or marble, due to its natural origin, will always differ from the images shown. The client is free to ask for photographs of the materials beforehand so that they can evaluate them.

Are there minimum purchase quantities for GANSK's products?

No, GANSK's products can be sold as a unit.

Where can I access GANSK catalogs and price lists?

You can request them using the contact forms on any product page, directly by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or, if you have already contacted us, by contacting the sales assistant responsible for your market.

Is VAT included in GANSK's prices?

The prices shown in the GANSK Price List exclude VAT, so this tax must be added to the final price.

How can I see GANSK's products and finishes in person?

We have a showroom in Barcelos - Portugal, with several pieces on display and physical samples where you can see the quality and feel of the product. We also make it very easy for customers to visit our production unit, also in Barcelos - Portugal, so that they can get an overview of the production process and see the facilities. Furthermore, we also attend the annual Maison et Objet fair in Paris (January), where you can see the pieces in person and see the latest arrivals.

Orders and Returns

How can I buy GANSK's products?

As we don't have a physical store, the most convenient methods are:

– Contact form on the product pages or general contact page, after which you will be contacted by the sales assistant responsible for your country with all the necessary information;

– Directly by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating your need, after which you will also be put through to the sales assistant responsible for your country with all the necessary information;

– Through the general number +351 253 826 714, the call will be forwarded to the sales person responsible for your country, who will help you with all the necessary information;

- If you have already contacted us, by contacting the sales person responsible for your country directly, who will help you with all the necessary information;

How should payment be made?

Payment is made by bank transfer. An initial payment of 40% of the total amount is required to start production, and the remaining 60% up to 3 days before the dispatch date. Custom/special orders require an initial payment of 50%. Payments by installments or cash on delivery are not accepted.

I can't complete payment, what do I do?

First orders cannot be started until the initial payment has been received. For recurring customers where it is verified that the data is being entered correctly and that the payment method is valid, and the problem is related to client's bank, the order will be started and an additional 3 working days will be allowed for the situation to be regularized. Orders will never be dispatched without full settlement of the amounts, and will remain in storage and the property of the client for 2 months until they are settled. At the end of this period, GANSK reserves the right to dispose of them or sell them on to third parties with a total loss of the customer's initial payment.

How long does production take?

At GANSK we give an estimated production time of 7 or 8 weeks, which varies depending on the product(s) ordered, stock availability and quantities, and can be improved or increased depending on these. Delivery time is not included and should be consulted on a case-by-case basis depending on the order and place of delivery. This information is for guidance only and will be assessed by the sales assistant responsible for the order in question.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Cancellations with the right to a refund are only possible if production has not yet started, otherwise the customer's order will be deducted in accordance with the current state of production. Changes to finishes are always possible as long as the product has not entered this process. Changes to materials (wood, marble, etc.) are only possible if production has not yet begun, otherwise the customer will be responsible for the cost of the material that has been discarded, in addition to the new one.

I received my package damaged or different from what I ordered, now what?

There are three possible scenarios for delivery problems:

1 - Problems caused by the freight company during the transportation of the goods: In this case, the insurance may be activated if it has been taken out by the customer, and it is proven that the problem occurred during transportation. A photographic record of the entire process, from the delivery of the goods to their unpacking, is essential. Any visible damage to the packaging (wooden box or other) must be reported immediately to the shipper with the intention of making a written complaint. Written proof of the claim and photographic proof of the damaged packaging must be emailed to GANSK within 48 hours of delivery at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information, please consult our Terms and Conditions;

2 - Problems caused during assembly by teams hired by the customer: If it is proven that GANSK's technical instructions were not followed and that there was negligence on the part of the assembly team, there will be no refund or insurance and the repair costs will be covered by the customer, although GANSK will be fully available to help resolve the situation;

3 - Problem or production error by GANSK: If the external packaging of the product is intact, and it shows internal damage that is proven to have been caused during its production, or it shows differences in finish or size from those ordered by the customer, the Product Warranty may be activated.

How does the refund work?

Payments may be refunded by the same payment method used when the order was placed (if this proves possible) or by transfer to the bank account indicated by the customer for this purpose. In any case, GANSK may withhold the refund until it has received the returned products, in particular for the purpose of checking their condition.

Shipping and Assembly

Does GANSK ship internationally?

Yes, we export to all countries.

How is shipping and assembly handled?

GANSK ships all over the world, using transport companies to make the deliveries, however, except mainland Portugal, the placement/assembly of the parts is the responsibility of the customer, who must follow the instructions provided by GANSK. In mainland Portugal we have our own transport and a highly qualified assembly team, and you can hire this service from us, the costs of which are not included in the price and will be quoted depending on the order and place of delivery. The customer is also free to contract out transportation and assembly to the companies of their choice, with the quality of the work being their responsibility.


I'm a professional, does GANSK have different conditions for me?

Yes, GANSK offers special conditions to architects, interior designers and showrooms who want to represent it and work with its products.

I'd like a GANSK press kit, do I have to pay for it?

At GANSK we offer catalogs, brochures, samples and other crucial materials to support product promotion. Catalogs and brochures are sent free of charge to the address indicated. As for samples, the XL complete packs have a fixed cost of €150 + VAT and include 30 different 10x10 cm samples and a showcase box. This amount does not include shipping costs and can be deducted from any order placed.

Can I have a GANSK piece designed exclusively for me?

GANSK's products are always property of GANSK and any customization made by the customer to their products may be disclosed, launched in the collection and/or sold to third parties at GANSK's discretion.

Can I be a GANSK exclusive representative?

Exclusive representation of GANSK furniture depends on various factors and is highly influenced by the market in question. If you have a proposal for us, please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can evaluate it.

Care and Maintenance Guide

Do you have a maintenance guide for GANSK products?

Yes, we have a complete manual that explains in brief the care to be taken with each type of material. You can consult it here.

My piece needs repair/maintenance, can you help?

Yes, we are fully available to help you solve any kind of problem. You can contact us with any queries through the usual channels or directly with the sales assistant responsible for your country.